School Project

The Somerset Foundation, Inc. and I have teamed up to make sure that our school project succeeds so 1,500 local students can attend school. Many of these students have been victimized by the radicals and left for dead but they chose to survive. . . . When these people had NOTHING but each other and the possibility of their children attending school, they chose not to be refugees ONLY SO THEIR CHILDREN COULD ATTEND SCHOOL. SOO STRONG!

Here are the numbers:

2016-2017 School Year Budget:          $124,000.00
Immediate supplies for students:       $ 18,000.00*
GoFundMe fee:                                      $   5,900.00
Total Needed:                                        $147,964.00

*Each book bag will come with enough supplies to last for a whole year (this need is immediate).

Somerset Foundation is a non-profit who does good works for the underprivileged promoting tolerance, education and human rights. Hazem believes that the first step to solving the Middle East's Islamic Crisis is education. That is where it begins! So please consider how you could help. We have a chance to make history- for real. No exaggeration…

We can do this- together. We need contributions but know that many people may not have money to contribute- would you help us get the word out and let’s see what happens! SHARE SHARE SHARE !

Thank you for being a part of this incredible story.


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