Don't Be Tribal, America.

Hi ! 

I wanted to drop you a line, say hi and tell you that I am watching beautiful, loud, shiny airplanes taking off from LAX's International Terminal. There wont be a video today (because of my travels) but I wanted STILL to see how you are. 

I don't know whether you watched the #RNCinCLE or not but it was intense! And I remember thinking how chaotic our world is. Our nation is growing and so is our awareness regarding living INTENTIONALLY without corrupt leaders taking us down polarizing agendas. As any of us are aware, this is nerve racking! It feels chaotic for sure but this is the time I - ME- NOT YOU- ME- MUST resist tribal culture tactics. 

What do I mean? I was reminded this week that if I am not careful, I can be very tribalistic. Yes! It was a shocker to me and this is why Im mentioning it.

I had to remember that it is truly ok to search inwardly and question EVERYTHING and it is also OK to be wrong. Question your motive. Question your intention. Question your belief's. Know why you are who you are and own it. The only way to own it is to not be afraid of being right or wrong. When you do, you will offer your life to people in a healthy way.  Key Word: HEALTHY. When you do this, here is how humans will respond. 

They will either: 1) Love you for it. . .  Appreciate you for it and love you genuinely in their own way [which the vast majority of you have been to me and I am literally humbled because of it.] The other thing they may do is: 2) Hate you for it.... because living strategically and intentionally takes energy. Truth has to be found out and sometimes your Jesus looks like the Crucified/Risen Savior of the New Testament and not the Quran infused version found in Mohammed's Quran. Annnd well... you know how that went. ..

It wont be easy but you can walk back into danger and offer help. It may be big help. Other times, it may be small help. Nonetheless, someone is seeing someone in front of them, living and real and helping. GTG 4 min till boarding. 

Helping Together, 
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